Fish and Rosé; a perfect pair!

I think it is no secret that I love to drink rosé wines!  This time of year, it’s a great alternative to whites, equally quenching that hunger for something cold to drink in the warm weather (although lately my posts about warm weather have been on days thcutting charat feel more like fall than summer!). And the warmer weather goes hand in hand with cooking on the open fire; Grilling!   One of my favorite things to grill during the summer is fish.  Salmon, Arctic Char, Swordfish, Tuna, Monkfish; all equally worth trying, and hold up well on a grill.  It goes without saying that Scallops and Shrimp are great on the BBQ, but most people don’t think of the others.  I’ll cut a whole side off the fish and slather it with olive oil, salt and pepper and put the entire piece on the rack.  The best thing to do is to leave it alone.  People mess with things on the grill too much.  Close the lid and walk away for 5-8 minutes.  Come back, open it up and using two spatulas, flip it (I always start skin side up, flesh down).  Leave for another 5-8 minutes, depending on the size of the side of fish, and the type.  Things like Salmon and Char can still be translucent in the center (Tuna, I treat like a steak). Swordfish and Monkfish you’ll want to cook throughout.
couly dutheil roseDry rosé is a terrific pairing with these fish.  It has wonderful fruit attributes, some ripeness without being sweet and great complexity.  More often than not, it has a refreshing finish with crisp acidity. There are many to choose from, with each one differing slightly from the last.  You can journey around the world going to France, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Africa, USA, Corsica, Lebanon…see what I mean? We hold a tasting at the shop dedicated to all things pink (Drink Pink July 13th 5:30-7:30pm)!  So if you’re unsure of what to choose, pop in and we can help!

Sunday Seminar…tomorrow night! 6pm RSVP

I love putting the wines together for the Sunday Seminars!  I can feel the anticipation of guest’s reactions to the wines building as I write the notes.

dad double fistingTomorrow begins the Series for the summer.  We’ll be blind tasting and it’s a contest all rolled in one!  We have a couple of seats left if anyone is still interested.  If so, call the store at 207-799-8463!

It’s my favorite season: Pink!

pink glassThis time of year is my favorite!  Not only is it getting hot out (please!), the sun is shining (is it?), the beach is calling…but all of the 2014 rosé wines are slowly being released.  I’m a red wine drinker.  I appreciate white wine and there are whites out there that I love, but my preference would be red.  Enter in the rosé; something about it is so inviting.   The color can range from light salmon pink to vibrant watermelon and every shade in between.  To get the color, a cold maceration happens, with skin contact.  This gives the shade (the longevity of skin contact ) and complexity of flavor.  A-Tribute-to-Grenache-Rose-CaliforniaRosés come from all over the globe; France, Italy, Spain, USA, Greece, Corsica, I could go on, but I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  The grapes can vary as well, from Grenache to Syrah, Pinot Noir to a blend to grapes that are unrecognizable. These wines are aromas of flowers, dusty strawberry, tart cherry, citrus and melon.  The palate can be a candied jolly rancher without the sugar, to light fruit notes.  They are wonderful food accompaniments, and incredibly refreshing.  Don’t automatically see the color and assume they are akin to White Zinfandel or Blush wines.  Those are the pinks of the past.  Look to the present and purchase one of these pale bottles of fermented grape juice. I guarantee you’ll be able to find one you like.

Celebrating Two Years!

This Memorial Day, we celebrate our Two Year Anniversary!  We can’t believe that much time has passed!  Monday, we’ll pop corks at 3pm, Maine Body Works will be here with a chair for complementary massage.  Don’t miss out, we have a lot to celebrate.  So come by and clink a glass to more years to come!

Wine Tasting happening April 13th at 5:30!

Come by the shop, bottles will be open starting at 5:30!  We have some lovely Roses that have released the 2014 vintage!  Some great Spring sippers.

Don’t forget to reserve your seat for the upcoming Sunday Seminar on April  19th.  Seminar starts at 6pm and we will be Deconstructing Chateauneuf de Pape!  Limited space is available, so call 207-799-8463 to hold your spot.

We’ve moved our retail location!

We’re in the thick of the Kinghtville area of South Portland (64 E Street) and we couldn’t be happier!  Our space is larger, allowing more room for more great wines and beers, not to mention actual space for Kevin’s bikes! Our first tasting is coming right up on Monday March 16th at 5:30pm.  We’re having a Sunday Seminar this month on the 22nd at 6pm.  We’ll be Blind Tasting.  RSVP 207-799-8463 for a seat as it is limited. We’re open, so come visit us to see our new space and new products!